CartDub cannabis oil recovery system

CartDub Is Revolutionizing Cannabis Oil Recovery

The innovative cannabis oil recovery system that allows concentrate lovers and commercial operators alike to preheat and reclaim oil in one package.

Concentrate lovers will agree that wasted cannabis oil is a common frustration. Whether you’re a recreational user or a medical patient, dealing with leftover oil stuck in a 510-thread cartridge can be a headache. Thankfully, there’s CartDub.  

CartDub is the brainchild of Cliff Thomason, who invented and patented the product design in 2021. Last December, CartDub was acquired by VPR Brands, a company with a rich history in vaporizer manufacturing. Recognizing the need for efficient cannabis oil recovery and refurbishment systems in the cannabis market, in 2015 VPR Brands began developing oil recovery kits and informational resources for users grappling with faulty vape cartridges.

CartDub Accessories To Open Vape Cartridge

As the demand for effective oil recovery solutions grew, CartDub officially entered the scene in 2021, catering more specifically to individual and industrial users. CartDub’s patented system (proudly made in the US) offers safe and efficient recovery options, from unlocking tamper-resistant cartridges to gathering oil for refilling new tanks.

Seamless Operation for Optimal Results

CartDub believes that everyone should have access to safe, effective and affordable cannabis oil recovery solutions. That’s why the company’s committed to making its products accessible to users of all backgrounds and experience levels. As VPR Brands COO Dan Hoff points out, “A majority of the cartridges in the industry now are tamper-resistant, making it next to impossible to access the oil for recovery. Cart Dub has developed a safe and efficient way to unlock locked carts using their recovery plates.” 

With a commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction, CartDub is poised to redefine the way users interact with cannabis oil, from large-scale cannabis processors to casual consumers, thanks to its innovative range of equipment.

CartDub Pro

This patented device is engineered for versatility. With its dual-purpose plate design and innovative functionality, the CartDub Pro revolutionizes the cartridge filling and oil recovery processes, making it an indispensable tool for industrial cannabis extractors and processors seeking enhanced productivity and performance.

The dual-use tool facilitates the filling and oil recovery processes for 510-thread disposable vape cartridges. Made from machined aluminum, the CartDub Pro boasts a robust design capable of simultaneously servicing up to 100 units of 510-thread vape cartridges. 

The device, equipped with a non-stick recovery pan and backed by a lifetime warranty, ensures exceptional performance and durability. Designed to fit most 510 thread cartridges, the CartDub Pro features a US-patented design, offering unparalleled functionality and reliability.

The primary application of the CartDub Pro is bulk oil removal from prefilled cartridges. It enables you to efficiently recover oil from up to 100 cartridges at a time. With its perforated plate holes precisely sized to accommodate cartridge bodies without letting them fall through, the CartDub Pro simplifies the oil recovery process.

Simply turn the prefilled carts upside down and place them on the perforated plate holes before preheating the oven to approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit. After heating the cart-filled tray for around 20 minutes, the majority of the oil is collected and reused on the connected plate, maximizing efficiency and resource utilization.  Using the same process, the CartDub Pro is also a cartridge preheater for easy processor refill, streamlining the filling process for optimal performance and minimum waste.

‘Unlock’ sealed vape cartridges easily with CartDub.

CartDub Lite

The CartDub Lite is a multifunctional tool designed with the home user in mind. This innovative device is engineered for efficiency, serving as a cartridge preheater and oil recycling system, revolutionizing the vape cartridge maintenance process. With the capacity to preheat up to 10 cartridges simultaneously, the CartDub Lite ensures optimal performance by warming and priming oil cartridges for smoother vaping. Just like with the CartDub Pro, all you need to do is place the cart-filled tray in a preheated oven, toaster oven, or hot plate and rotate for 20 minutes at 180 degrees to activate the preheating function. 

Additionally, the CartDub Lite facilitates oil recovery from prefilled cartridges, allowing you to reclaim and reuse valuable oil with ease. By placing up to 10 cartridges on the CartDub Lite plate and positioning them over a large pot, you can extract the bulk of the oil in just 25 minutes at 180 degrees, streamlining the oil recovery process and maximizing efficiency. 

With its versatile functionality and user-friendly design, the CartDub Lite offers a convenient solution for cartridge preheating and oil extraction, making it an essential tool for cannabis enthusiasts.

CartDub’s Oil Removal Complete Tools Set.

CartDub’s Oil Removal Tool Set.

CartDub’s Commitment to Innovation

Driven by a passion for excellence and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of concentrate lovers, CartDub is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation for cannabis concentrate aficionados. And with all products made in the USA, customers can rest assured that manufacturing practices adhere to the highest standards. Furthering their commitment to quality, CartDub offers a lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

The talented engineers and designers behind CartDub are committed to developing new solutions that address the challenges faced by industrial processors and individual consumers, revolutionizing cannabis oil recovery one cartridge at a time.