Cart Dub Wholesale

Whether you are an extractor, a testing lab that tests cartridges, a dispensary, a smokeshop, a vapeshop or a distributor we are happy to support resellers and allow them to retail our unique and proprietary systems for oil recovery. It is a simple 3 step process and you can start ordering. All orders can be conveniently placed through our website

Step 1 – Fill out the quick submission form containing your business and shipping information
Step 2 – We will review your form and build an account & login for you to use.
Step 3 – once you get the login ( welcome) email login to your account and you are ready to start purchasing.

    Why Carb Dub?

    Cart Dub is the premier source for equipment to recover oil from vape cartridges. With a solutions oriented purpose the entire business was founded to provide industrial extractors as well as end users a safe, consistent, and effective way to recover oil from cartridges. Many 510 thread vape cartridges stop working before all of the oil is vaporized or are defective from the start and the valuable oil needs to be recovered instead of discarded. Cart Dub has built patent pending equipment to salvage this oil with little to no waste and allow it to be reused with its original potency. From recovery treys to our all inclusive systems and ancillary equipment to assist our company here to ensure that good cartridges prevail and bad cartridges can be salvaged.