CartDub Distribution

Commercial  Wholesale DistributionWelcome to which is your source for cannabis extractor and processor supplies. Cannabis extraction, cultivation and processing has grown to be a large industry and evolving into one of the preferred methods to administering medical and recreational cannabis. Processors and extractors of cannabis even those who convert flower to cbd, or delta 8 / delta 10 into concentrates need supplies and equipment to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Whether you are an industrial sized extractor or an at home extractor has innovative equipment and supplies for you to aide in the process. From our innovative tools for handling and our patent pending oil recovery systems is a place if you are in the industry you must check out. We provide products that are solutions oriented.

Wholesale, Distribution and Customized Orders

If you are interested in reselling our Patent Pending Cart Dub oil recovery system or joining our team to be one of our authorized distributors, please fill out your information below so a specialist can contact you to set up your account.

Wholesale and Distribution clients will be given a login with their pricing tiers for self service or have an assigned representative

Customized Cart-Dubs or OEM orders

All Cart Dub patent pending oil recovery systems are proudly made and machined here in the USA, and with our inhouse design team we have the ability to customize the cart dub system to your oil recovery needs in terms of specs and aesthetics. Please fill in your contact information below so we can have a white label or customization specialist calls you.