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CartDub COMPETE Kit to Open 510 Cartridges and Remove Oil

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Plate to remove Oil from cartridges:
- Plate capacity: 10 Cartridges
- CartDub Light Oil Recovery Kit Contains Aluminum Plate Only

The Ultimate Toolkit for Extracting Oil from Prefilled Cartridges

Crafted with the home enthusiast in mind, the CartDub extraction set introduces a groundbreaking approach to amplify efficiency. A standout feature is its dual-purpose plate, promising unrivaled utility. The CartDub wears two hats - it not only preheats cartridges but also serves as an adept oil recovery system, ideal for personal use.


- 18 Gauge Aluminum Tray for Oil Recovery
- CartDub Plate with 510 Thread port used to unlock "locked" prefilled oil cartridge tops, and 10 ports for cartridges for easy oil removal or cartridge pre-heat and fill
- Dab Concentrates Scalpel
- Dab Tools (shovel + spatula)
- 2 x 3ml Syringes
- 4 x Assorted Blunt Tip Needles
- PG/VG Oil Recovery Solution
- Proprietary Removal Pliers for locked prefilled cartridge tops
- Long Lever Wedge Bar used to open locked tops in 1.0 ml prefilled cartridges (tall)
- Short Lever Wedge Bar used to open locked tops in 0.5ml prefilled cartridges (standard)
- 2 Level packaging box for easy storage

Unlocking Vape Cartridges Made Easy with the CartDub Set

The CartDub kit is inclusive of specialized pliers, designed meticulously to easily unlock the vape cartridge's protective cap. Depending on cartridge size, the kit offers a compact wedge bar for 0.5ml cartridges and a longer leverage tool for 1.0ml variants. Gone are the days of resorting to precarious methods like employing vise grips or needle-nose pliers. The CartDub system provides a safer and more professional solution for detaching vape cartridge tops.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Simons
Great Tool

I would only change one thing. The cup that catches the oil needs to have a tapered inside bottom shape that gets all the oil to pool to a single low point to make sucking it up easier. Otherwise great tool.

Everything you could need

What started as keeping old used cartridges on the chance we could get them open and get the last little bit out eventually turned into a gallon ziplock bag half full. We are looking forward to using this kit.


This is great thing I have copd and can't smoke normally if i get live rosin i have to decarb it before I can use as edible removing the top was easier than I thought This thing worked like a charm